Story Time

So, imagine an youngish but embittered ex-marine. Imagine he buys a shitty scrap of land to build himself a shitty scrap of a home with an reasonably inheritance from his recently slain parents. Paranoid and living out of a nearby motel, he won’t let anyone help him build it. He even goes through the effort of learning how to operate a backhoe just so he can dig the foundation himself. While doing so he makes a rather fantastic discovery, a giant mechanical eye. Further excavation reveals is has two giant appendages, which appear to be clock hands,  attached to the outside. Ever fearful of watching eyes, he hastily erects a wooden structure over his discovery and sets up camp inside while planning how he can raise his mysterious find. He  cautiously approaches the man he rented the backhoe from for ideas.  The ex-marine, Bartholomew (his parents named him after his great-grandfather), found this man to be intelligent, technically skilled, knowledgeable and easily influenced. In wasn’t long before Bart brought the man, Jeremy, in on his discovery, certain that he could be controlled.

Months later the object had been raised by Jeremy’s expert hand, a more permanent barn had been build around it and beside that there had been constructed a small concrete fortress where both men now lived. Soon it would be time to start examining the enigmatic eye…


This is some rambling on my newest idea currently titled “The Tree”

“Once, I suspect it was some time ago, in a place, undoubtably rather far for here, there was a tree. Some people say that this tree was the inspiration for all other trees. Most would go so far as to call it the Tree.  The Tree has been around so long no one knows how it came to be, some claim it was a creation of their deity, other claimed it was their deity. The stories are almost as many as are leaves on the Tree. The history of the Tree is, however, well-known: There was a wandering druid who was passing through a small, unnamed village. While he was there he noticed they cooked with a leaf that was unfamiliar to him.  They told him that all they knew was that the leaf would come from the north on the wind every autumn. Intent on discovering the origins of this strange leaf, the druid left to explore the woods the next morning. There he discovered the Tree. It is believed that this was the first time any human had ever witnessed the Tree.  When the druid returned to the  village to with this news they packed up their town and moved it into the woods to be near the Tree and the village become known as Ki for the druidic word for tree. Every autumn they would wait patiently under the tree for its leaves to fall and in return they kept it clean and safe. Over time the Tree’s strength grew and the village Ki grew with it. ..”

That’s it for now. I have the basic idea all set up but the pacing is troubling me.