*this may be a complete fabrication.

So I’ve clearly been doing a good job with updating this blog. Yup. So….

Anyways, I had this sort of… inkling… of the future and I felt the need to share it. I was pondering the vast and growing number of unique individuals on this planet. Specifically I was thinking about how each and every person has a million little neurosis (and sometimes huge ones) and a specific way of deal with life, a set of believes, ect. Even the most boring person has piles upon piles of unique things they do and think. So it occurred to me, this can be marketed. I think it will be like custom t-shirts and webcomics; something subtle that starts out as a indie little thing of the internet and then, like everything else, it will be seized by corporations in an attempt to capitalize on it’s fleeting popularity. It’s already happening in small ways, ways you are probably already aware of. Examples? FML, IMMD, I am Neurotic and piles of other blogs focused on the little things that make other peoples lives different than our own. Why are these popular? There are two reasons, the modern audience is getting to smart and cynical for fiction, they look at a movie and say ‘That could never happen’ when it is merely extremely unlikely, and people like things that are not already omnipresent in their own lives. So what exactly am I predicting here? I predict people will tune in and be enthralled by the detailed minutia of other peoples lives. At first it will be all like “these are the parts of my life I want to show you’ and ‘look at this cool stuff I have. Then it will be ‘this is what I threw out today’, ‘this is what I bought for groceries’ or ‘watch me fold my laundry’. Before you know it everyone will be watching videos of everyone going about their daily life, like the Truman Show only worse. Before you know it watching some random personal you’ll never meet shower will be a normal thing. I know you might be thinking that ‘sure, maybe, but things change over the course of time. What might seem weird and taboo now will be totally different in the distant future.’ . But the thing is, because of modern technology and it’s incredible rate of growth, society is able to change at a break neck rate. Take flash mobs, for instance, it used to be something like that was impossible because by the time you found and organized enough people the first people you got involved would have lost interest and you could never coordinate that number of people without cell phones and email. The time it would take would destroy the project before you could even attempt something. I’m thinking that with in 10 to 20 years, maybe less, we will start to have people voluntarily surrender their privacy for the sake of entertaining others. From there it’s another small step to cameras watching you use the toilet. Never mind Big Brother watching you, you own personal adoring fans will take care of that.

So yeah, that’s just another cheerful Dystopian future predicted by yours truly.